In Ten Years Time

Just a short one today. I assigned one of my classes the task of writing about where they will be in 10 years time and had a couple of really stand-out replies that I wanted to share with you all…

I am 25 years old. Now, I work in moon because I want to see my girl. My girl had gone to space in 2012 for look up extraterrestrial life. I send some mail. She received, but day and day a mail send by her became slowly. She went to distant places and our hearts live but I didn’t give up on her. Then she battled extraterrestrial life. She shouted “I want to live! I want to see him again!” and she survived.

Tomorrow she will return. I’m waiting for her. She is 20 years old. I am desperately to catch up with her. We will start to work…

It doesn’t matter that this is only a few words; when you have to go over it in detail a couple of times to correct errors, you really do become absorbed enough to connect with this poor couple and their tale of unconditional love. It’s probably a shorter, more futuristic version of “Going The Distance.” It’s probably better too.

There’s the romance, now here’s the tragedy…

I think I will be in Shizuoka. I will be married. I will have children. I will be working for Nippon Ichi Software. I will speak English. I won’t be very very very famous. I will die in 2025. I will be killed by Ogasawara. He will use a katana.

I really love the short, sharp and to-the-point sentences in this one, but mainly, I love the complete lack of probability. He will die and he will use a katana. Alright? I’m not sure who Ogasawara is, mind. I googled it but it came up with a whole bunch of possibilities so I’ll have to ask my student and come back to you on that one.

4 thoughts on “In Ten Years Time

  1. Dan

    Dude the second one is kinda morbid and creepy, but that first one….. If the dudes 25 and his girlfriends 20, 10 years into the future. Then that makes him a 15 and lusting after a 10 year old. You might need to have a talk with that one 🙂

  2. Joel

    There is a short anime film released a couple of years ago that has this exact same storyline…..I guess Japanese kids can’t help but feel the same. I think the second kid needs more of a talking to than the first one – educate him in the ways of the world and let him know there is more out there than office work and death by a katana! 🙂

  3. Bobby Post author

    @Dan and Stephanie: Actually he’s 15! He was writing as if he was already in the future which I thought was pretty novel. Police don’t need to be called just yet.

    @Joel: I try, believe me I try. I even gave them prompts like “Will you live somewhere exciting? Will you know more languages than Japanese and English?” etc etc. Most of the time you just get “I will live in Shizuoka. I will work for company. I will have house.”


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