Train Man

Ooh have I got a treat for you today! If you’re like me, then sometimes you just don’t feel like reading stuff; you want somebody to just read it for you, or sit there on a sofa dribbling into your wine glass while you’re spoon-fed information from that box in the corner with all the pretty moving pictures. Well today, just for you people, I’ve created a nice little video about Japanese Train Men.

Now, I’ve already seen a problem with this plan of action. While most people will cringe and get embarrassed at the sight of themselves on camera, I actively enjoy it; I can watch pretty much any video of myself doing anything and I sit there sniggering like Mutley on dope. It’s unlikely that anyone will get as much pleasure out of watching this as me. As a result I really have no way of telling (apart from when I attempted to show it to Sophie and she quickly found the window of Baskin’ Robbins infinitely more exciting) whether it’s any good or not, so I’m just going to throw it on here and hope that I don’t bore you so senseless that you fall asleep on your keyboards. I apologise for the lack of footage of the actual train man. The next time I jump on a local train I’ll be sure to get some footage of the guy in the cabin, as promised. I’ll get some light men on here as well. Ahhhh, see, now you perk up!

So here you go. Oh, and look at how I can make a train horn noise with my mouth!

5 thoughts on “Train Man

  1. Alsav

    Bobby – that is genius – it brought me tears of laughter AND a genuine belly laugh!!! Love the David Attenborough-esque voice aswell. I personally cant wait to see more of The Train Man.

  2. Jon Allen

    I still get a kick out of watching them doing it. They do it without a hint of embarrassment of irony, day in day out
    and it’s probably one of the reasons Japanese railways are the safest in the world.
    ( it’s called pointing and calling, google it for more info!)


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